Google Cardboard VR Project Says Pixel Phone is Not Compatible Device


I’m trying to build a Cardboard VR app to my Pixel phone using Unity 2018.1.0f. The Pixel is running Android 8.1.0. When I try to Build and Run, I get the error:

'Hardware of device Google Pixel is not supported'.

I’ve tried reinstalling Android studio and the Android SDKs to ensure that it’s not a USB driver issue, and I can build a non-VR app to my phone, so USB Debugging is on and working properly. Unity also recognizes that the Pixel is connected, so I doubt this is the problem.

I’ve downloaded the latest Cardboard VR SDKs and reimported them, but it still gets the error.
I have the VR Supported option and Cardboard SDK enabled in my Player Settings, and my minimum API is 4.4. Target is Highest Installed.

I’ve tried building to my Pixel and a Pixel XL. Both get the error.

Is there anything else I could be missing?


I never figured out what was happening with this project.
I exported all my assets and imported them into a new project, imported GoogleVR and it worked fine.

One of life’s little mysteries, I guess.