Google cast remote display plugin android issue

@00christian00 Hello!
If you have a time can you please help me with “Google Cast Remote Display Plugin”. I have read your review about it, when you write that “Took me a while to get it running because I had to find out how to use the latest libraries because I don’t want to mix the latest Google Play services libraries which I am using with libraries from many years ago.” I am facing the same problems(may be), i have exported all needed libs (appcompat, mediarouter, google-play-services_lib) and the project is building succesfully, BUT when i launched it, it’s just crashes the game. The “CastRemoteDisplayManager” crashes the game, because when i disable it, the game works perfectly (but without chromecast)
May be you can help me with it, if you have time.
My settings: Android, SDK 19, Unity 5.5.0f3.
Thank you!

Hi @DudeInaScarf,
If It crashes it mean it didn’t load all the required libraries.
There are quite more than the one you said.
Here are the full set of libs required :
app-support-v4 doesn’t work if it is in aar format, don’t know why, probably doesn’t get loaded in time, so you must keep this old version in jar format.
Also to test you must register as google cast developer and pay the fee( can’t remember, but it’s low like 5 usd or something).
Lastly, I would advice again using it, doesn’t seem much supported( probably discontinued) and testing in some old phone it was crashing the whole phone. It has been 2 years since the last update and the actual android sdk has reached V3 while this is still based on V2 of the cast sdk.