google checkout

I have a simple game for android where user has to buy some goods through google checkout. How can I realize this functionality. Are there any simple way?

SOOMLA provides a full solution for in-app purchase with it’s gaming data platform:

  • The market leading in-app purchase Unity plugin (+5000 live games using it)
  • No-coding analytics that focuses on payers and user retention
  • The Whales Report - see which of your users are paying in other games and not converting in yours
  • GrowInsights - a real-time programmatic API for querying each user for his/her pay likelihood
  • Free for lifetime for developers and game studios

All SOOMLA plugin are free and open source on Github. For latest releases download them from (requires signup)

Prime31 has an In-App Billing plug-in that will save you the time and trouble of trying to write this yourself. If you’re not familiar with programming in Android’s java/dalvik, trying to create this yourself will literally take months of work.

Press the Android, then look for the In-App Billing plugin.