Google Cloud Platform - Google Maps SDK

Hello Everyone,

I am a computer science student and I am working on an Augmented Reality app project dealing with geolocating and georeferencing objects in AR (very much like “Jurrasic World Alive” and “Pokemon Go”). I was going to develop it using the Mapbox AR Unity kit, but then decided to go with the Google Maps SDK after realizing the success of game applications like “Jurrasic World Alive” which were made using the Google Maps SDK. I received access to Google Maps APIs but I do not know how to start integrating the APIs into Unity. Do you know how I can go about integrating Google Maps into Unity?

Hi @lab_developer

For first you need to create android/ios native projects with maps. And after that integrate native projects with unity. You can find tutorials about integration native projects with unity. In other case, here is great integration Google maps for android and iOS.