Google Drive Plugin - full access from android device


I’m using the “Google Drive for Unity3D plugin” from the forum. What I want to do is, that the user can upload a file with his browser on his pc to Google Drive. Then I want to download this file on an android tablet.

I think that means that the App needs full access to google drive. Therefore I added the scope “” in “GoogleDriveAuthorization.cs”. In the Edtior everything works fine and I can download the uploaded files.

But on a real android device it doesn’t work. The initialization/authorization works. It’s also possible to upload and download a text file which has been created by the app (like in the sample code). But if I search for the other files, which have been uploaded with the browser, nothing is found.

My assumption is that my app hasn’t got full access to Google Drive and beacause of this the files which haven’t been created by the app, can’t be found.

What do you think? How can I solve this?

I found a solution. Thanks to “midworld” for the help!

Android doesn’t use web browser based method for authorization. You have to modify the plugin itself.

Go to the file “unity-googledrive / NativePlugins / Android / GoogleDrivePlugin / src / com / studio272 / googledriveplugin /”

Here you can modify the permissions:

credential = GoogleAccountCredential.usingOAuth2(activity,

Replace the new “googledriveplugin.jar” in “unity-googledrive / Assets / Plugins / Android” and it should work.

Maybe it helps, if some has the same problem :slight_smile:

Actually this definitely works. My problem was that my query string was too long. It was giving me correct a response without any of the files.