Google Earth Like mechanism ?

Hi . . .
how can i have mechanism like google earth ?
we have 2d map, by clicking on certain positions , it will be redirected to a 3d map by some effects(zoom until arrive at 3d suface)

i don’t know much about english, so please don’t blame me because of my syntax…

normally for clicking you would use raycast. read here for a few examples and descriptions of it. Unity - Scripting API: Physics.Raycast

importing googlemaps is hard on unity unless you know how to exactly do it. it’s a long process.

There is a GoogleMaps add-on in the Asset Store. Note not Google Earth. I don’t know if it imports any kind of height information for making terrains. But it will get you maps.

Thanks for all .
if i can work with ray cast so that’s easy . because i load my maps in JPG format and i want use them as plan’s texture .
so i don’t need google maps anymore.

You may want to check World Political Map in the Asset Store (Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making).
It comes with source code so you can learn a lot by example.