Google.IOSResolver.dll' will not be loaded

I am making a game for android. I imported the Google AdMob plugin into my project. After that, it shows me this error

Assembly 'Assets/ExternalDependencyManager/Editor/1.2.167/Google.IOSResolver.dll' will not be loaded due to errors:
Unable to resolve reference 'UnityEditor.iOS.Extensions.Xcode'. Is the assembly missing or incompatible with the current platform?
Reference validation can be disabled in the Plugin Inspector.

I searched a lot but found nothing. I think I made the project for android and it shows the error for IOS, so I may delete the ios files. But I don’t know. Please help!

how did you resolve the External Dependency Manager ?

Just delete Google.IOSResolver and Google.IOSResolver.dll if you’re planning to build for Android.
Next time if you import the AdMob package, don’t tick those files.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

jjaajajja no puedes simplemente eliminarlo para evitar problemas, traera errores, creeme

problem fixed here: Google.VersionHandlerImpl_v1.2.156.dll' will not be loaded due to errors - YouTube

I just Resolved the External Dependency Manager, and the error vanished.