Google Maps in Unity!!!

I have read over a couple of questions about Google Maps in unity and I haven’t really gotten a solid answer. Is there a way to use Google Maps in unity (not use the terrain but the actual map view - streets and houses and stuff) or will I have to take screenshots of the map and import the screenshots into unity? I really need a answer to this question.

And if it is possible, could you type some sample code of what I need to type to make this happen?

Thank you

I would think not, unless they have an API for getting a PNG or JPG of an area. Google Maps produces some pretty intense javascripted content (if not Flash), and somewhere in there is a picture (or collection of pictures), but they may also be drawing things dynamically on it. Look on Google Code site for Google Maps API’s and see if there is a ‘get image’ kinda thing. That said, they may also have Terms Of Service which prohibit this, you’ll want to check for that too.