Google Native Client & Unity Web Player

I developed a simple game that I have placed on a website (BUILD = Web Player) and it works perfectly. Eventually I will want to add Google Ads to pay for my new electric bicycle :o)

I think that some potential players might (unreasonably) be put off by having to install Unity Web Player

I assumed that by uploading the build as “Google Native Client”, players would be able to go to my website using Chrome and start playing right away from any computer without having to install any additional software.

So I uninstalled Unity Web Player and saved a build using “Google Native Client” - I opened the page with Chrome which required me to install the Unity Web Player to proceed.

*Is it me misunderstanding something or going about it the wrong way?
*Is there any other way to have a unity game “embedded” on a webpage so that it is accessible universally?


Google NaCl applications need to be fetched from the Google App Store. Your website code might want to check to see if the browser is Chrome, and if it is, invite the user to get the game from the App Store instead of using the web player. See for more details.

It seems to me that there may be two issues here.

  1. You may be running the myproject.html file instead of the myproject_nacl.html file.
  2. You may not have enabled native client in chrome://flags … this will allow you to run chrome applications from third parties – not just the Chrome Web Store.

Aside from that, it should work. Have you tried with “Build&Run”?