Google play 64 bit update.

Hi everyone. Today I got a gmail from Google Play saying that I must compile my apps for 64-bit. How can I do it? I have spent 2 hours searching and trying to find it out, all I found was some people talking about something called AMR64( I have no idea what it is). Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

File>Build Settings>Player Settings>Android Settings Tab>Other Settins
There is a ARM64 tick box here. If it is passive you should change script backend from Mono to IL2CPP.
Then you should choose ARM64 tick box.

Hello. That is not working for me. Any tips?

I have developed an application using sqlite, there is no problem when I get the apk. I am using it when I was building for google play. Since I chose IL2cpp instead of mono, my game does not work. The link of my application is below, please help .ECIOGLUCompany.IncomeExpense