Google Play - Can't Roll Out Release

“You can’t roll out this release because it doesn’t allow any existing users to upgrade to the newly added app bundles”

I’ve googled this extensively, and sounds like the cause is a version code that’s lower than the previously published version code. I’m still waiting for Google Play to confirm this.

I have not yet switched to App Bundles ,and am still using an APK with a .obb expansion file. In the attached Google Play Console image you can see that my version codes steadily increased until I started using Split Application Binary. Then Unity started adding 100000 to my version code and 200000 to the .obb version code.

With my latest release, Google Play Console again shows a small number 43 (like it used to). I’m not sure how to fix any of this. Would switching to App Bundles fix it?

Google came back with:

Upon checking, your previous production version is 200039. Please note that the Play Console requires APK updates to any published track (Alpha, Beta, Staged Rollout, or Production) to have a higher version code than the APK being replaced. Uploading the same version would not trigger an update for existing users, resulting in a poor user experience.

So how do i stop Unity from incrementing the version code by 200000??