Google Play DLC? Same for the Apple Store?

I tried writing a more descriptive question, but I’m way too tired, so I’ll try to compress this as much as possible.

How do I post a game on Google Play or the Apple Store that:

  • Has a free version
  • Has three paid versions that add additional content to the free version above

All of the versions are numbered 1-4 and must be purchased in that order. Does anybody know whether Google Play and/or the Apple Store have this functionality?

If my question is too vague, post a comment so I can fix it later. I can’t seem to concentrate at the moment, so this is as good I can get without a specific complaint about it.

Edit: Here is what the designer posted for what they want.

We want to have the user “buy” another chapter if they are happy with the first “free” one.
So they can download the base program for free. But then only access the extra content after paying for it?

1.) Can a specific patch for the program be downloaded after purchase?

2.) If not 1, then can you lock the program, and have contents be unlocked after pay code is given?

3.) Answer these questions for both android and mac (iPhone)

Assume google play is where premium content is purchased from on Android
Assume iStore is where premium content is purchased from on iPhone
(for donations assume paypal)

Secondary Question:
If a user deletes or loses phone, can they re-download paid for bits of app because we remember their email address and if they’ve paid for it already?

Edit: I’m using Unity Free, if that makes a difference. I can’t seem to find any examples on using AssetBundles either, so I’m still keeping this up…

Edit: Found out why I didn’t use AssetBundle…it’s a Pro-only feature. So I really need this question answered. Is there no way to do it other than having my own custom payment system?

Well you could ship all of the content - and do in-app purchase to unlock it. That way you have control over the order in which people buy things etc etc. Prime31 Store Kit will do it for iPhone for you - looks pretty simple to use (just helped someone else get it working).

Prime31 also does a couple of droid versions - in app purchase for Amazon and also a stand alone version.