Google Play - Downloaded OBB Level could not be loaded.

Hi! I have the Google Play OBB Downloader working properly in my app. The APK runs and begins to download the OBB file from the Google play store. I followed this guide using WWW to import and load the OBB file into the game. When I load the next scene I get this error:

I/Unity   (20309): Found OBB: /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.(Company).(Game)/
E/Unity   (20309): Level 'Start' (1) couldn't be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings.
E/Unity   (20309): To add a level to the build settings use the menu File->Build Settings...

Although, when I use “adb shell” and “cd” to “/storage/emulated” all I see is “/storage/emulated/legacy” folder. I’m guessing thats because the sdcard0 is mounted into “/storage/emulated/legacy”, but that still doesn’t explain why GooglePlayDownloader says the directory is “/storage/emulated/0”

  • All of the scenes have been added to the build list in the proper order.
  • I have inserted my public license key in the GooglePlayDownloader.cs
  • My OBB and APK bundle version and code match and are both uploaded to the store.
  • I waited several hours after I uploaded the APK and OBB file to the store.
  • No errors are returned from the WWW call.
  • GooglePlayDownloader downloads the OBB and progress is shown in Unity, but the file appears /storage/sdcard0/Android/obb/
  • I have moved the Scenes into Resource folder.

Here is my code:

	protected IEnumerator LoadLevel ( string expansionPath ) {

		print( "OBB path: " + expansionPath );

		string mainPath;
		do {
			yield return new WaitForSeconds( 0.5f );
			mainPath = GooglePlayDownloader.GetMainOBBPath( expansionPath );
			print( mainPath );

		while ( mainPath == null );
		print( "Found OBB: " + mainPath );

		string url = "file://" + mainPath;
		print( "Importing OBB..." );

		WWW www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload( url, 0 );

		yield return www;

		if ( www.error == null  ) print( "Successfully imported OBB!" );
		else print( "Error: " + www.error );

		Application.LoadLevel( "Start" );

Built on → Android 4.0 API 14
Using → Unity 4.5.3f3
Tested on → Nexus 5 Android stock 4.4.4

I have been working on this for the last two days, surfing Google and the forums. If anyone has been able to get this plugin to work recently let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think it’s because you’re not using apk and obb from the same build.
I have experienced this before, and that’s the problem.