Google play game services works but works only in my device with my idgmail its not working in other devices with other idgmail

i had followed the tutorial , did some sample test apk for myself ,i am getting login in to the google playservices and can see the achievements and leaderboard but the Problem is when i installed same test apk in another device which has another gmail id it gets not logging in to the google play services achievements leaderboard are not showing ,only the phone which is with my gmail id(it has googleplay developer account) has achievements and leaderboard are showing, pls help ,Thanks in advance. I am using unity 5 and googleplayPlugin-0.9.32 they both are fine i got message box popup got install googleplayservies success.
Unity Tutorial - Adding Official Google Play Game Services to your game FOR FREE - YouTube this tutorial.

Have you entered that accounts email in the testers page for services on the dev console. otherwise it wont let that device log into it.