Google Play Games - Can I have more than 100 Leaderboards or filter scoreData based on a custom metadata tag?

Hi everyone,

I’m using the Google Play Games plugin with my game and am working on the LeaderBoards now. This game has 100 levels and will have more. I was planning on having one LeaderBoard per level. However, Google Dev documentation states a game can have a max of 70 LeaderBoards.

Does anyone have a good idea how I can work around this or design this better? I would like to stay with the GPG plugin since I’ve implemented quite a few of its features in this game.

A few ideas I’ve tossed around are:

  • Group level scores by batches of 10’s per leader board and filter LoadScores() requests based on a custom metadata tag like “Level{n}HighScore” or “Level{n}HighestCombo” provided when calling Social.ReportScore(), but doesn’t look like the current PlayGamesPlatform API supports this.
  • Add the first 70 leader boards and hope a “cool” update happens to the API before players get passed level 70…
  • Use a different LeaderBoard plugin…
  • Add one leader board per level, as mentioned above.

Using Unity 5.4.2, GPG plugin version 0.9.36.

Thanks in advance!

If you want to use Google Play Games services you won’t be able to exceed 70 leaderBoards at the momment so I recommend you to “re-design” the way you want to implement the Leaderboards,

I can suggest you “workarounds” for leves but you should think about if “Levels leaderboards” make sense in your game, or you can go for “Total kills” in all levels for example.

-You can group scores in every 10 levels. You get the highscore from level 1 to level 10 and make a leaderboard. example:
Level 1 score 100
Level 2 score 100…
Level 10 score 100

Total score from level 1 to 10 : 1000

  • You can make leaderboard in the important levels ( like with bosses or that levels that are very difficult)

-Make new “infinity” gameplay level with his leaderboard ,but that depend on the game that you have