google play leaderboards help?


I am new to social media integration and I have built an entire game in unity JS. I am trying to send a score to the leaderboard with a JS script using the following code:

#pragma strict
import GooglePlayGames;
import UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms;

function Update () {
if ( game.score > game.highscore ){
	game.highscore = game.score;
	PlayerPrefs.SetInt("game.highscore", game.score);
	Social.ReportScore(game.highscore, "leaderboard ID", (sucess : boolean) => {
        // handle success or failure
        Debug.Log ("posted");
else {game.highscore = game.highscore;}

This is creating a few errors - (9,70): BCE0044: expecting ), found ‘:’, and also (9,72): BCE0044: expecting ), found ‘boolean’.

can anyone help me with this implementation in JS? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

fixed by enabling the drive API in the console