google play leaderboards not loading onclick

Hello, I have implemented google play services in my game. I can connect to google play games just fine. I choose my account and hit okay, the screen loads- all this is good.
When I try to view the leaderboard however, nothing happens when i tap the button.

from my leaderboard controller

    public void OpenLeaderboardsScore()
            if (Social.localUser.authenticated)

My main menu controller which calls the above function:

public void OpenLeaderboardsScoreUI()

In my Main Menu scene, I have a gameobject for the leaderboards controller instance, and then on the button for the leaderboard i have an onclick() Main menu controller.openleaderboardsscoreui()

My Console in unity shows 0 errors. Does anyone know what might be wrong? or how i can go about figuring out the issue?
Thank you in advance.

In Case anyone else has this question I am posting my findings:

You need to do the following

go to your Google Play Dev Console, scroll down to “Testing” under TESTING ACCESS

click on Add Testers enter the email address you are using on your phone (for google play account).

Then under Alpha testers for GAME NAME

click on The red x to make it a green check.