Google Play OBB and adb logcat help?

Hello! I am trying to follow this tutorial:

I recently got a developer account on Google Play. I did everything the tutorial says, used the scripts, and so far so good. But when I install the build.apk into my device without the .obb file, and I start the app, it just shows the splash screen for Unity, then crashes!

I contacted the guy and he said he was booked at the moment to really help, but he told me it might be a memory leak and to use

adb logcat -s Unity

in a terminal to see any errors, and I did as he said. I added a dummie level to where I just click a gui.button that loads my “SceneLoader” for the OBB downloading, and when I click the button, the game crashes. The crash is coming from the script from the Google OBB downloader plugin, but I’m not sure what it is…

Hello Just put your scene file in Resources folder and make the obb file it may work for you