Google Play Privacy Policy with Unity Ads and Unity Analytics?

I’m preparing to launch my first game and I’m using Unity Ads and Unity Analytics in it. One of the steps into setting up my app in the Google Play Developer Console requires me to add an URL to my Privacy Policy since my game is targetted to children.
Does anyone know what should I do in this step?


I would still look into it but I believe you can simply link to Unity’s privacy policy.
“Previously, developers collecting consent for Unity had to rely on their own interface, and they may still do so; however, our latest updates will permit developers using Unity as a sole source of advertising and game personalization the ability to rely on Unity’s solution to capture and manage consent for Unity’s data processing, including consents needed to use of Unity’s third party providers of in app brand advertising.”
You can resolve this by linking to / copying our privacy policy in the Google Ads console, and stating to Google support that the Unity Ads interface presents the players with a privacy policy and a dialogue for opting out from personalised ad targeting.”