Google Play Services doesn't work

I’m having an Android project where I’m trying to implement Google Play Services for Leaderboards and cloud saving. I downloaded the asset from Github, distributed my game on google play as beta, set the play services api, created leaderboard and everything, and configured the asset accordingly in Unity. The problem is that the login code, does not work for me, nothing happens when I try to run it.

 Social.localUser.Authenticate((bool success) => {

First I put it in void Start() , because I wanted to make it auto login when the game is being opened. Then I also added a button with the same functionality, but nothing happens when I push it, ot at game start. using GooglePlayGames; and using UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms; is also present in the script, and accesses are set in Google Developer Console too, everything is distributed. Google Play Services API is also up to date like all the Android SDK. So basically I have no idea what could be wrong, because the game is not freezing nor giving any errors when I’m trying to run it on my phone. I really phone that someone will be able to give me a solution.

I found the solution. There was no problem with my code. Simply the Asset import was not correct. I deleted the Google Play Services asset and then simply reimported it and now it is working 100% plugin include google remote config.