Google Playgames sigin UI not appearing and not throwing any Error

Currently i am using GooglePlayGamesPlugin-0.9.50 downloaded from the Github

I implemented the SignIn as in my Code

private void Start()
        // recommended for debugging:
        PlayGamesPlatform.DebugLogEnabled = true;

        // Activate the Google Play Games platform

    public void SignIn()
        Social.localUser.Authenticate(success =>
            if (success)

I Setup the game Play Services using Window > Google playgames > android setup and pasted the resources which i copied from the Game services Dashboard

After this i made signed APK and upload to the Store and add tester for the playgames.

Now, When i click the sigin Button in my game nothing happens like showing signin UI etc.

For testing i just print text on the screen but code run without error message and calls sigin.

Then I explore different questions but didnot get any help.

Links Visited:

After this i updated mt SDK but same Results nothing happen on sign call.

The SHA1 which i got using command line is the correct one on the developer conole.

any hepl will be appreciated thanks in advance.

@ SohailBukhari were you able to solve this issue?