Google Project Tango: ADB won't recognize my device?

Hi everyone,

I’m just starting to work with Google Project Tango. I’m pretty new to all of this stuff actually, so forgive me if there’s a really simple solution to all this.

SO, I’ve installed Android SDK (and reinstalled just in case), I’ve installed JDK, Google USB driver, and everything else I need to as far as I know. I’ve followed all the steps found on this guide from Google: สร้างประสบการณ์ Augmented Reality แบบใหม่ที่ผสานโลกดิจิทัลและโลกทางกายภาพเข้าด้วยกันอย่างลงตัว  |  ARCore  |  Google for Developers

I’ve gotten to the part where I’m supposed to Build & Run my environment (it’s just an environment with a few basic shapes in it to test things out) and it pops up with a message that says “No Android Device Found!” even though my computer itself definitely does recognize it. It pops up in my file explorer as “Project Tango Tablet”.

In my command prompt, I killed and restarted ADB, and checked the devices listed, and none show up. I’ve seen a ton of other people with this problem, but none of their solutions have worked for me. Does anyone have any clue why ADB might not be recognizing my device?

Thanks for your help!

We are using SDK tools to query the device list, push and install APK. So as soon as you have your device listed in “adb devices”, it should work.

Two things to make sure:

  • Enable Developer options, allow USB debugging on your device
  • I assume you are using Windows. Check the Device Manager - is the device displayed there, if it is - make sure to install the driver once again: Tutorial: Manually installing Android ADB USB Driver