Google Sites for hosting my game + issue tracking


I would like to get my game on a very simple google-sites site I made (or am planning on making xD) though I don't really know how, or if it is even possible. I'm currently hosting the webplayer of my game on my dropbox account and people can play it there.

So my question now is how do I get it so that when people go to my google-sites site they can play it in there (not just a link to the dropbox url, but actually play it on the website) ? I also was wondering if there was a simple way to implement an issue tracking system there too ? So people can give feedback on bugs and request new features.

And if this is not possible, perhaps someone knows a good alternative ?

Thanks ! -Pablo

I can help with the google site:

You can attach your .unity3d file to the google site page, copy the url.

Editing you page add a Google Gadget Insert->More gadgets.

Select "Add gadget form URL" and use this url:

Configure the gadget:

In "Web Player Url" fild insert the url copied before, set the widht and height

A good alternative? Facebook!

(But your game will still be hosted on your dropbox account.)

It is free of charge, you get your apps own profile page with Discussions, Reviews etc., a lot of statistics information e.g. Active Users (incl. Demographics), Performance, Blocks and Likes, the (powerful) Graph-API ... and if you use Facebook Credits you can make zillions :-)

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I can’t see all of Marcelona’s answer, and its exactly what I need. Could someone help?