Google Sketchup models appearing badly

Hey guys,
Sorry, I couldn’t think how to word the title correctly, so here it is. I am modelling a sign in Google Sketchup, and it looks great in Sketchup, except when I import it into Unity, it doesn’t look as good.

Here is an image of what it looks like in Sketchup:

alt text

And here is what it looks like in Unity:

alt text

Also, I’m not sure what that little dent going down the front of the pole is… As you can see it’s not present in the photo in Sketchup… Anyway, could this issue of how the sign looks be the textures that I’m using (default ones in sketchup) or could it be the lighting in my scene (just a normal directional light) or something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!


When you import the mesh into unity, in the import settings, set normals to ‘calculate’ rather than import. This may move some of your smoothing you’ve already applied in sketchup, but sometimes it bugs the normals when you import a mesh into unity.

If that doesn’t help, change the shader or the mipmapping settings of your pole material and see if that helps.

I had a similar situation - that didn’t help me, but going back into SketchUp and Exploding the group the bad-normals object was in did. I guess groups can confuse the exporter.