Google StreetView in Unity3D

Hi all,

Been searching the web and the Asset Store for something that would help me display both Google Maps and Google Street View in Unity3d but haven’t had luck so far.

There is an asset in the store where you manually put the URL of StreetView and it downloads the image, applies it as a texture to a sphere and puts the camera inside the sphere. So if you navigate around it, it looks like you’re inside that StreetView.

It is something like that I want, but programatically I would have a list of latitudes and longitudes and with that I would load StreetView.

Has anyone had any experience on this?


@Fcaldas I’ve been looking for a solution to this. The closest thing I found was using the MAPNAV ($65) Unity asset to replicate Google maps. It allows you to place points of interest easily on any longitude and latitude. I made a new scene for each point, I created a street view using the ‘street view to skybox’ asset. Kind of looks like the real thing, of course you can’t navigate like real street view. Each skybox needs to be created before hand.