Google UnityIAP added permissions for read write storage

Hi All,

After integrating UnityIAP in our GOOGLE project, the following permissions are been added to the manifest.

Since Android 6.0, Google play is particular about permissions asked to the end user. This is affecting our GooglePlay feature release.

Q1. Are these mentioned permissions are required specific to GooglePlay IAP in any way?
If not can we remove them? If Yes, what will affect on client side regarding UnityIAP?

If user denies the permission, do we have to look for a native way to ask the user that permission again, Or is there functionality provided in Unity or UnityIAP which we might not be aware off?

Q2. We know a sort of hack way mentioning that permission with a MaxSdk version, something like following:

uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" android:maxSdkVersion="1" 

 Is there any other neat way?


Hi All,

Just an update:

Even after denying the read/write permission, there was no issue found with UnityIAP at least for what functionality we are using for google play.

So we are planning to remove that permission…

For our second question, we found a plugin mentioned follow:

Seems to be working fine! for asking user run-time permissions on android :slight_smile: