Google VR (Cardboard) Distortion Incorrect on iPhone 6s

I’m just getting started with Google Cardboard a couple days ago, using the latest version of their SDK for Unity (1.110), and things were going great (successful test builds on iPhone). I updated to Unity2017.3 yesterday, and now my builds are distorted on my phone (see image). I tried rolling back to 2017.2, but that didn’t seem to fix the issue.

Anyone else working with Google VR have this problem?

I believe I have a fix, though I’m not sure I can call it a “solution”.

In the Deployment Info in Xcode, I unchecked all of the options in the Device Orientation except for “Landscape Left.”

Just saw this on an iPhone 6s using 2017.2.0p3 a minute ago. We’ve been testing for weeks on this version and hadn’t seen it before on any device.