Google VR SDK for Unity Compiler errors

Hi - I am following google’s "getting started with unity for iOS here: Quickstart for Google VR in Unity on iOS  |  Google for Developers

I downloaded unity and the Google SDK but when I try to play the demo in stereo I get these errors:

Cinema 4D could not be found.
Make sure that Cinema 4D is installed and the .C4D file has Cinema 4D as its ‘Open with’ application!

Some scripts have compilation errors which may prevent obsolete API usages to get updated. Obsolete API updating will continue automatically after these errors get fixed.

Assets/GoogleVR/Legacy/Scripts/Internal/VRDevices/GvrDevice.cs(90,10): warning CS0618: UnityEngine.GL.IssuePluginEvent(int)' is obsolete: IssuePluginEvent(eventID) is deprecated. Use IssuePluginEvent(callback, eventID) instead.’

Assets/GoogleVR/Scripts/Video/GvrVideoPlayerTexture.cs(595,7): error CS1622: Cannot return a value from iterators. Use the yield return statement to return a value, or yield break to end the iteration

Any help here? I am obviously new to Unity. Do I really need to have Cinema 4d?

Thank you

to fix that last issue, go into the code of the video player and at line 595 write yield before the word return.

It seems like there is a separate version of Unity at the moment that has been built with Google VR in mind, and supports it natively, but it looks like it’s still experimental, so it’s not in the official release.
Here’s a link to the resources: Daydream Technical Preview Available Now | Unity Blog