Google VR - Shadow and Light only one eye


I’m new to unity and I try to make a little VR app.
But I have a problem with the GVR SDK and shadows.

There is a cube and one spotlight. And the shadow and light are only displayed on the left eye.
It had already worked before, but then I tried some things in Unity and it seems that I broke it :frowning:

Can somebody help me and explain what I have to do?

I’m using unity 5.6 and GVR SDK 1.40.


@AppliedScience - I have this issue as well when looking at the editor preview. However, when I compile and run on iOS, the lights are fine - rendered in both eyes.

unity 5.6 & GVR SDK 1.4

Thanks! I tried this on Android and it works for me too. I found this issue on github. Seems that this is an known problem.