got two problems one with particle anmiator and other with soundclips can some one help please??

I like to know about changing Particle Animator force via javascript?

1st Problem :
What am after is when my tank is accelerating it will make more smoke then when tank slows down the smoke dies off like a real engine?

2nd Problem:
I would like to play more then one sound clip so say my tank engine but when my tank turns left or right i would like it play track sounds effects under the engine effect.

can some help please thanks alot :slight_smile:

2nd Problem First :
You as far as i can understand need Sound of engine + some additional sound effect like turning and moving around right ! Its really Very Easy Use a little Script Which Defines values of pitches and priority of engine sound and change accordingly with turning and moving …
1st Problem :
Particle Effect like Smoke have build in fade effect … you can simple activate and deactivate particle system by setting up velocity limits like
if velocity is less than 1 then "“false”);
and if velocity is greater than 1 then“True”);
I am not **Programmer So Sorry but idea is what you need i guess :wink: **
If helped

ok thanks ill have alook into it