Goto a Website after Installing Web-Player


I noticed that when the Unity web-player is installed you must restart the browser. I also noticed that the user is then forwarded to the Unity site to test the web-player installation was successful.

I'd like to know if it's possible to have the user go back to the referring website after they have installed the web-player and restarted the browser.

I'd hate to lose possible players because they were not sent back to our site after they installed the plug-in.


With Unity 2.0 users will no longer have to visit the download page or have to leave content page. A browser restart will no longer be necessary, as soon as the plugin installation finnishes the content will start playing.

So don't worry, with 2.0 I think we really nailed the plugin installation process.

I guess this brings up a couple of questions.

Most importantly, will content created prior to Unity 2.0 work with the 2.0 plug-in? And second, is there any insight as to when Unity 2.0 will be released? Just a general expected release date... one month, two, six?


I'm certain version 2 will have good backwards compatibility, both in the web players and projects, and that we'll see the release in less than a month, before the conference.

Obviously we will not break any backwards compatibility with 1.x web player content. This is absolutely incredibly important to us, anything else would be crazy.

Isn't it so that on WINDOWS machines you are not redirected now also ?

I can't remember being redirected to a unity site to download the player. The activex installs right here in the browser and on installations end the content begins to play.

Is this maybe a mac specific problem ? (If you could even call this a problem)

Yes, restarting the browser was only required on the Mac. On Windows no browser restart was ever needed.

Actually, knowing that the Windows browsers won't restart is good to know and good news.