GPGS Leaderboard returns only the outdated scores (Google Play Game Service)

(lower number is better)

I am testing GPGS (Google Play Game Service) Leaderboard now,
but it seems doesn’t update it immediately.

The thing weird is this.
Let’s say I got a single ILeaderboard instance (called ‘leaderboard’).
And I am fetching “my” score once from ‘leaderboard.scores’, and once from ‘leaderboard.localuserscore’.
Even though I am using same ILeaderboard instance, “my” scores from above two approaches are different.

So I am guessing when I post score on the leaderboard,
maybe GPGS plugin update my local user score immediately
while it is take some time for the actual leaderboard to be updated.
but I couldn’t find a proper answer on the web.

I have solved the issue on my own, but still it is a temporary solution.

When you load a leaderboard, there would be a two way of doing it.

  1. Use PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.CreateLeaderboard() + .LoadScores()
  2. Use PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.LoadScores()

I was using the first one and the problem I wrote on this post happened.
But when I use the second one, I could get the correct latest scores.

I think it is a bug of Unity or GPGS plugin, which loads a leaderboard ONLY from cache not from network.

As expected from unity community, no one posts a god damn answer

Can you please share your GPGS script or explain in detail how you did it? I have been to several threads and tried everything but the leaderboard never fetches the updated score after the first fetch.
I tried the solution by Zory in Leaderboard Scores fail to update after first fetch / load. · Issue #1534 · playgameservices/play-games-plugin-for-unity · GitHub but it did not work. Maybe I did something wrong. Your help will be appreciated.