GPU Optimisation


I am currently quite stummped on how to optimise my scene at the moment, I am currently running at around 60 FPS but on quite a high end system. As you will see below my problem lies with the GPU, I belive that I have narrowed it down to a (not sure if im naming this right)Pixel fillrate. I am currently quite stumped on what exaclt is “other”. Althought the offical documention say that it includes : AI, Audio, Particles, Networking, Loading, and PlayerLoop. With this in mind the only thing that might be making this would be the loading of the models after the culling, but if this is true how would I go about speed it up.

Basicly I am asking for any tips, help and infomation to help me opismise for my GPU Fillrate.

you could also try Batching. What i only know is you can flag objects which are not moving as static in the inspector and they will be prepared for static batching automatically during the Build Player step, to reduce draw calls. Take a look into the following links.

I wouldn’t say it’s the fillrate that is the problem here. The thing that impacts the fillrate most is transparent stuff like particles with alpha blending. Since your screenshot shows the most rendertime for opaque geometry, i suspect you have some pretty hefty shaders on your meshes, maybe with a lot of texture lookups going on. Thats something different than fillrate, though.

Without knowing what kind of shaders you are using, there is not much we can tell you.

You say reducing the drawcalls doesn’t impact the rendertime much, which seems to indicate that it indeed is a problem of ‘too complex’ shaders.