GPU spikes in profiler

So i’ve just recently decided to start on making my own game. There is a lot of things i don’t know /understand, but i’ve been trying to keep performance as best i can (So i know the best way of doing everything for the future). The green portion of the CPU usage has been bugging me for a long time (most of the time it takes between 94-98% of the total time). I think the cause is the GPU, which has spikes that go up to 90ms sometimes.

I have no idea what’s causing this, the scene is basically empty. Any objects i have loaded are disabled and the scene is static (so every frame should be the same). Yet this “Other” wont go away. I have a GTX 980, so it’s not like i have an old card or anything, so i’m at a loss. Anyone got any idea’s?

The Rendering profiler is completely flat, it has 12 draw calls, 1.8k tris, and 5.2k verts. I honestly have no idea where those are even coming from seeing as my scene is a whole load of empty game objects and like 3 cubes.

Here is a picture of the profiler:

If you have the same problem I had, then it’s likely that what you’re actually seeing is the update call to the profiler itself.

Try hiding the profiler (click a different tab while it’s running so you can’t see it) or re-sizing the profiler. You’ll notice the “other” portion of the GPU will disappear when hidden, or stay spiked when dragged.

The act of observing performance is affecting performance.
“Schrodinger’s Profiler”, perhaps?

Thank mate, I am also confused about this.