GPU Usage module broken with HDRP?

  • Everything is classified as "Other"
  • Hierarchy of the GPU Module is actually the CPU data 8742747--1184082--upload_2023-1-19_11-27-28.png


Top picture has the GPU module selected, bottom picture has the CPU module selected. Note that the hierarchy of the GPU module is the same as the CPU hierarchy (also, overall frame time shown is 33 ms which is the CPU time)

Observed with Unity 2021.3.16f1

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Yeah, that sometimes happens recently, I've noticed it happening quite frequently since 2022.2 -- you can press Clear, close the profiler, and open it again, should start working again.

Thank you, PutridEx. I'll give that a try.

Yep, this is a bug and has since been fixed and should have been Backported, so recent patch releases should have this fixed.