GpuProgram creation error: shader program type is unrecognised. You might have a precompiled shader asset from an old Unity version.

when i update unity from 5.0.0 to 5.3.5, this error happened.And the shader changed to pink,

Have the same - issue is that in my case it’s released software and models come from server as bundles.

Why this error is happening is because there is some mismatch between shaders expected in bundle model and shaders supported by current version of Unity. In my very case it’s quite hard to update bundles - this would cause users with old version of software to experience this bug.

Probably one solution is to include shaders in your Unity project, if you have access to orginal shaders. I don’t have.

Other solution which can work is to manually assign Shader.Find(“Standard”) to materials which experience problems. That works for me.