Grabbing objects like in source engine.

Recently I’ve been trying to make it possible to grab a rigidbody. However, I’ve run into a slight issue that due to my limited knowledge of unity I can’t seem to come up with a fix for. What happens is that the rigidbody I have selected will clip into the ground and change shape. You can see that here what I would like it to do is to just stay on the ground instead of clipping. Any help would be great my code is here: using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class Grabber : Weapon - OnUpdate is called by another class when Update is called PrimaryFire is called when the player clicks mouse1 Secondary when mouse2 is clicked.

This has already been done several times :slight_smile: Here are some scripts that might help you.
Gun Script to pick up objects
“E” to grab an object…
Unity Tutorial: How to Pick up and Throw objects