Grabbing Objects Newton Vr

Hello All

I have a ball in a scene and I able to grab it and throw it fine . I’m using the Newton Vr toolkit

I want to set a grabbed position so when I pick up the ball it automatically set to a position on the vive controller. Not becoming the controller but sitting just above it at angle .

I have the NVR Attach Point and NVR Interactable Item scripts on the ball would I need to make changes to one of those scripts ?

Thanks for any help

I’m not 100% sure but the NVRLever script has an override function that might point you in the right direction, worth checking out.

  public override void BeginInteraction(NVRHand hand)

            InitialAttachPoint = new GameObject(string.Format("[{0}] InitialAttachPoint",;
            InitialAttachPoint.position = hand.transform.position;
            InitialAttachPoint.rotation = hand.transform.rotation;
            InitialAttachPoint.localScale = * 0.25f;
            InitialAttachPoint.parent = this.transform;