Gradient Selection in Unity

I’m looking to create a small application in which players select upon a three way gradient (color triangle-like) to determine the “alikeness” to something.

Imagine it as gauging a spectrum, perhaps of something like emotions, wherein the points are “Happy”, “Mad”, and “Sad”. Since these are not binary traits, someone selects a point upon the spectrum, just like a color field that an artists would pick instead of simply a specific color.

Does anyone have any experience in these matters? I also wish to store the values that an individual picks in the program, so some help on that would also be appreiates.



Provided a picture.

alt text

You click on the gradient, the position is saved, and one writes a small comment about what the place they clicked means.

This seems like several basic Q’s, most of which can be looked up: 1a) Detecting clicks on an object (I like raycasts for that,) 1b) finding exact click position (not just the object clicked on) and distanceFrom math, 2) making a texture2D from scratch in Unity (or is the picture above the only one, so can pre-make it?) 3) saving things (probably using an array.) 4) Making marks (to show old clicks.)

None of these are all that difficult. This isn’t a great place for “how do I get started” Q’s, since the answer depends on what you’re good at.