Gradient Skybox

What is the best way to get a gradient Background in an Unity Project?

Do i have to use a Skybox and add there 6 images wich get connectet to a gradiant? Or is it possible to use colors instead of Images in a Skybox?

And if, how do i create a gradient color in Unity3d?

Model a hemisphere and create a gradient with vertex colors.

Try this:

Create a 1x256 pixel bitmap which contains a gradient. Import this as Advanced texture, set the 'Generate Cubemap' settings to Cylindrical. Make a material using RenderFX/SkyboxCubed as your skybox material, use that.

I'm now looking into creating that gradient bitmap on-the-fly.. You can set pixels into a Texture2D, that's not a problem. You need to color-interpolate between one color and the next, and using RGB space usually looks very muddy. HSV space is much nicer.

You would have to create a sky box, as backdrops in Unity are either a skybox material or solid colour.