Gradle failed to fetch dependencies. (Google Play Services)

A project with google play services inside works fine on machine with windows 8.1 but when ported to windows 10 the play service resolver can’t resolve and through exception "Gradle field to fetch dependencies ". Any help?. Both t

machine have same jdk and SDK versions.

It most likely means that windows is looking in the wrong place for the JDK.

Check the path shown in the error. You can set the path in Environment Variables in the windows properties advanced section.


  1. Right click on “my computer” and go to properties.

  2. Go to the Advanced tab

  3. Click on the Environmental Variables… button

  4. Find the JAVA_HOME variable under System Variables

  5. Change the value to wherever this file actually exists for you. (for me it was C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-10)

  6. Restart Unity


I hope that helps!