Gradually Rotate Character 90 Degrees

Hello UA,

In my Top Down Shooter, I need an object to rotate 90 degrees to the right. I already know how to rotate an object so that's pretty easy, but what I need is for the object to rotate 90 degrees to the right but not instantly. In other words, I need it to gradually rotate 1 degree to the right but then stop rotating once it completely rotates 90 degrees.

I've heard of Quaternion.Slerp or Quaternion.Lerp but that's if you want to rotate the object to another Transform. I want my object to rotate 90 degrees on it's Y axis gradually.

I hope I'm not over complicating this :P

Thanks In Advance :)

You should be able to do this no prob with Mathf.MoveTowardsAngle(). The documentation for it explains how to use it, but basically it's a smooth transition over time that takes into account wrapping over 360 degrees:

Quaternion.Slerp/Lerp are not for rotating the object to another transform, and are in fact what you'd generally use. See the Rotation function here.