@Graham Dunnett ♦♦ Why was my question closed?

Just had a question closed by @Graham Dunnett :diamonds::diamonds: for the reason ‘duplicate question’

Graham… if you’d bothered to look through my history, you’d see I have never asked a question on this, let alone duplicated one. This is a perfect example of what happens when people not affiliated to a companies are allowed moderation authority on its website !

Am I going to get my question re-opened or do I need to repost it, which technically ‘would’ be duplicating it (although through no fault of my own)


a.) Graham Dunnett is affiliated to Unity. He works for them, in fact. That’s what the two little diamonds after his name mean, btw.

b.) Duplicate doens’t mean that you have asked that question in the past. It means someone has. Please search before asking a new question.