Graphical effect like tunnel effect

Hi everyone. I need some help for creating a graphical effect with my 2d game. I want to create a tunnel effect with my background. I found some discussion on google but they all are about 3d and creating cylinder mesh with blender. I need something easier. It can be done only changing the aspect of my background with some scripting? thanks for the help.

Hi Stefano9528,

I think what you might want to look into is lighting and shading.

Create the 3d objects and then texture them (I assume is already done), and then use the lighting and shading to make it look 3d.

Otherwise if you are looking at doing it on a image then that will require you to use another program (eg. photoshop etc.)

With the 3d option there are a lot of tutorials and examples of lighting done in unity especially now that the new shaders have been implemented into unity 5.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,