graphical issues when running in windowed mode

On my laptop iam getting graphical issues when i build the game and run it in windowed mode. One of my projects just gives me a blank screen and a brand new unity project gives me some strange black filled ellipse. The splash screen also does not play. When i run in fullscreen i have no problem at all.

On top of that iam getting some minor UI issues in the editor.

On my desktop i have none of these problems.

Any fixes for this? I already updated my gpu drivers and iam running unity 5.5 on windows 10 64 bit anniversary update. The gpu in my laptop is a 960m.

As it turned out i had drivers for both the integrated gpu and the discrete gpu. Since i suspected this to be a possible cause of the problem (seen other programs like photoshop having trouble with this for instance) I deleted the integrated drivers. This fixed the problems. Reinstalling the driver made the problem reappear.

However thats still a bug since i think unity should be able to handle this situation. Its commonly done on laptops to reduce energy consumption to have both drivers installed since the integrated gpu is more efficient. Now aside from having issues while developing you dont want your players to go through this.

Because of this i have made a bug report so i hope this is getting fixed in the future. For now if you encounter this problem try deinstalling the integrated gpu drivers.