Graphical problems running Unity games on Netbook ASUS EEEpc 1005PE

I just bought an ASUS EEEpc 1005PE two days ago, and I tried to run a very simple kart-driving 3D tech demo I bulit some time ago.

When the game started, some textures were lighten as the camera was the main and only light, so those one perpendicular to the point of view were comletely black. Then, after some seconds, the game switched to some kind of buggy graphic mode, the screen got black for one second, and Windows warns me that the video card driver became instable and was rebooted. Then the game starts to run at about 2 FPS...

My EEEpc mounts those main components: Intel Atom N450 1.66ghz, Intel GMA 3150 Video Card, 1GB Ram, Windows 7 Starter.

Sincerely, I don't know where is the problem, since I was able to run that demo on every PC I tested, and one of them was worse than mine. Did anyone of you experience this kind of problems on a Netbook?

Well, I think I "solved" the problem. I tried the Island demo and another tech demo I made, and everything went fine. So, I guess that was only a problem of the Kart demo... But honestly, still don't know why it happened!