GraphicRaycaster not hitting Dropdown popup

In my project, I’m unable to get the GraphicRaycaster to hit the popup menu portion of the Dropdown menu. It hits other UI controls on the canvas, including buttons, and the root Dropdown element. The canvas is rendered in World Space.

Is there a trick to get the GraphicRaycaster to work with Dropdown?

(I’m using Unity 5.4.0b24-HTP, the Hololens version.)

I realize this answer may be a bit late, but maybe it helps visitors from google.

When the dropdown is opened, it creates a child element called “Dropdown List”. This child element has it’s own GraphicRaycaster Component. Therefore, it wont’ work using the GraphicsRaycaster on the “normal” Canvas.

You need to use the GraphicsRaycaster on the “Dropdown List” Element for that.