Graphics.DrawTexture is not working with GUI.BeginScrollView


I have big issue regarding Graphics.DrawTexture.

My main functionality is to do masking of texture to show in round shape.

I have used shader to mask my texture…

Shader which i am using is This .

Code to draw texture is :

Graphics.DrawTexture (new Rect (grp.width * 0.05f, grp.height * 0.036f + x * (grp.height * 0.5f * 0.20f), Screen.width / 2 * 0.32f, Screen.height / 2 * 0.22f), picture, new Rect (0, 0, 1, 1), 0, 0, 0, 0, avtarMaterial);	

If i use GUI.DrawTexture then its working fine in scrollview.

But i want to do mask so i have used Graphics.DrawTexture . . Anyother alternative is there to do masking instead of Graphics .

Please help me guys… Thanks in advance…

Screenshot of how it is looking :


If I may ask, why not use the new GUI system from 4.6? Using which you can easily achieve these effects using scroll view and masks easily. Also looks like you are developing for mobile and Unity’s immediate mode GUI is already considered a villain for mobile devices. In this case why not use what seems to be a way better solution of using Unity 4.6 since a stable version is also released. Just a thought by the way. :slight_smile: