Graphics out of sync with player

Alright, so this is quite an odd issue, and its about Multiplayer. Basically, my player graphics are moving out of sync of the controllers. Although, it only seems to be the player that you are not, since on the scene view, you can see the only player without this issue is the one that is controlled by play mode. I’ve tried alternating the player you spawn as, so no its not just one script thats working fine.

Oddly enough, it fixes if you spin round, it kind of circles back into the middle

Heres a pic of the issue[32776-out+of+sync.png|32776]

So, anyway to fix this?

If it helps to know, I have a playersync and Network View on both my main object and the graphics, where all the animations are. if I take away either one of these it doesnt work.