grass and tree culling

I'll fully admit that I may be missing something, but I'm having issues with grass textures and trees rendering from more than what seems like a short distance. I have the detail distance set to 250 and they still won't appear unless I'm right on top of them. My terrain resolution in set to 30000 by 30000, with a height of 2000. My character is a height (within Maya) of 2 meters, so everything is built to that scale. I'm using a third person camera control script that sets the camera a distance of 300 units away from the character and a height of 100. Yet, no trees and no grass will render in the game cam. They will only show up in the scene camera if I move really close to them.

My only guess is that Unity can't handle these sizes and I should be building my assets in centimeters. However, I don't want to adjust what I've done until I know for sure. Any ideas?

im having this same issue and it just started after i upgraded to the new rev (put out yesterday). Im a Pro user and haven't ever had any issues, nor have i changed my settings. in the editor everything looks as it always has, but if i build standalone or for web the grass (only) won't render unlessit is within what would be like inches from the camera. This only seems to affect the grass, the tress are still fine and i can see them quite far away. Any ideas on what may be causing this? Anyone else experiencing this?

Yep, im expierencing the exact same problem too.

ive got problem with grass only and the problem was grass texture

in editor all was OK - and in build i saw grass from 1 meter only

it was non squere size - i converted textures to squere and problem is gone. Maybe u use non squere textures in trees and thats why tree dissapiere too.

try that


just go to your terrain settings (i assume you know how to by what you said in your question, but if not, just click on your terrain, and then click on the little cog on the right). Then make sure that “Detail Density” is on the highest, “Tree Distance” is on the highest, “Billboard Start” is on the highest and “Fade Length” is on the highest…

This should hopefully fix your probelm, if not, well I’m not sure why this would be happening, maybe it could be something to do with your camera…

Post back if you need more help!!!


it is some kind of bug. As I get it out of nowhere now, after 3.4 upgrade